TheftProof Clients for the TheftProof network.

TheftProof is an OpenSource project to develop clients for all platforms that are able to access the TheftProofNetwork's Web based theft reporting system.

MacOSX will be the first platform supported.

The TheftProof Client is a system wide preference pane.

Enter your TheftProofNetwork username and password details in the fields provided and click 'connect'. This will register this machine with the TheftProofNetwork.

The other panels provide options for you to control how often your mac should check in with the TheftProof network, and how it should behave if reported stolen, or assigned to someone on loan.

Screenshots of the proposed MacOSX GUI appear to the right. More details will be added here as this project moves forward. We are awating a final copy of the TheftProofNetwork's WebServices API.

Development is all taking place at

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